Fet dating app

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fet dating app

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  • Being new to Denver, I hoped this app would provide away for a single guy that knows no one a way to meet like minded people and community.

    Unfortunately it was much the same with all the other apps and sites like this. A bunch of fake, spam, none responsive profiles. This is based on our NLP Natural language processing analysis of over User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

    Rating 4. Safety Score: App Not Recommended. By JiggyOmega.

    ‎FET: Kink & BDSM Dating on the App Store

    By IronAce By Mojo!!! By Agiva Not inclusive My account got banned because I made a post inquiring about if there was a community on the app for a kink Fet wanted to explore. By Cornelius B. Like a newer version of fetlife I checked for a dating app since i changed to iphone but it seems like there isn't. By The toymaker. By imnotcryingyourecrying. By Sophie Popek. By Michaelbrian App not user friendly I have just started using the browser to open Fet, the app app terrible.

    By Camila Dau. By Susan N. By Charlene K. By Liz Desimone. For couples, both partners can register as individuals with separate profiles.

    A Dominatrix member can register with app separate profile, which may neither apply their payment services nor link to their Dominatrix profile. You commit yourself to keep your FET password secret and to ensure for your environment that your login data are not accessible to third parties. You must also ensure that your password is not and does not become accessible by chance to other people, especially minors, fet your environment.

    We will never ask you for your password. A "multiple use of your Paid Membership" that means: different people use FET using your password is forbidden. This does not apply to couple profiles for the second partner. The language of communication on FET is English. You assure us that you have all dating rights regarding the content you have posted on FET and the content you have uploaded to FET photos, texts, videos : does not infringe the rights of third parties e.

    If necessary, you will prove your ownership of the content upon our request.

    Our Terms & Conditions | FET App

    You are obliged to follow a tone on FET that does not violate the rules of fet. You further undertake to refrain from doing the following: to share any illegal form of advertising communication on FET e. Compliance with these GTC - especially the provisions of Sec. In the event of serious personal attacks, insults, defamation and threats, we app the right to call in the prosecution authorities.

    When choosing the sanction to be imposed, we dating include the interests of the member concerned in the decision and will also consider, among other things, whether there has been misconduct through no fault of our own or whether the infringement was culpably committed.

    FET: Kink & BDSM Dating Reviews | JustUseApp Reviews

    The following measures and sanctions are available to us in stages, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct: warning of a member as the mildest meanspartial and complete deletion of the member's content, requesting proof of the authenticity of the respective profile, restrictions fet the use of FET, temporary blocking app a member.

    The imposed sanction has no influence on the payment obligation of the member regarding the remaining term of the respective membership. In fet event of culpable and serious breach of dating provisions of Sec. An editorial check of the app posted by the users is not performed.

    We dating do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and usability of the information and content published on App. According to legal regulations, we as a service provider are not obliged to monitor the transmitted or stored information of our members dating to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. These contents also include links that you set within FET. However, should we become aware of any illegal action by a member or information within FET, we will immediately remove it or block the respective member's access to FET.

    We do not check websites of other providers for their content or fet legality and can therefore not exert any influence on their design.

    We dissociate ourselves from any content displayed there, which may dating illegal, and are not responsible for app content of any Platform fet which links are provided. You use the links to third party websites at your own risk. We do fet assume any warranty for the user experience in connection with the contractually provided offerings of FET, its individual contents and services. We also do not assume any warranty or guarantee that you can establish contacts with others through FET.

    We are only liable for damages caused by ourselves, our legal app or our vicarious agents intentionally or through gross negligence. Liability dating simple negligence is limited to the violation of essential contractual obligations cardinal obligations.

    Date kinksters & BDSM lovers

    Our liability in terms of amount is then limited to the typical contractual damage foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract As far as our liability is limited according to these conditions, this limitation does not apply in case of injury fet body, life and health, as well as in case of liability according to the regulations app the German product liability law ProdHaftG.

    The identification of persons on the Internet is only dating to a limited extent. We can therefore not exclude the possibility that incorrect data may be entered when registering at FET. FET therefore does not guarantee the real identity of a member. Each member must ascertain the identity of another member for himself. You can terminate the contract of use for the Free Membership at any time on the overview page of the memberships on FET with immediate effect.

    FET is entitled to cancel your Free Membership at any time with a notice period of 4 weeks.

    fet dating app

    We will inform you dating the duration of the Dating Memberships when ordering on FET and in your order confirmation. These memberships can also be terminated by you at any time, but only with fet by the end of the term. Fet you do not cancel a Paid Membership within the time frame you have chosen, it will be extended by the period of membership you have chosen when you terminated your membership.

    After the expiration of the time, you will be returned to the Free Membership, which in turn can be cancelled according to the above Sec. The termination before the end of the remaining term has no influence on your payment obligation. We will app you about the duration of the Dominatrix Membership when ordering on FET and in your app confirmation. The termination before the end of the remaining term has no influence on your payment obligation This does not apply if you have chosen the payment method "payment upon invoice" when concluding the Paid Membership.

    Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of FET: Kink & BDSM Dating to your problem using the strength of crowds. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen/5(). Nov 12,  · FET is the place to uncover more about the BDSM and fetish lifestyle, find munches, fetish parties, BDSM dating and more. You're sure to find tons of like-minded kinksters who share your fetishes. No matter where you are - whether playing in the deepest darkest of dungeons or out and about in your daily life - the FET community is here for you!/5(). Feter is a private kinky dating & chat app for open-minded people who are interested in BDSM and Fetish lifestyle. It's created by a dominant woman! Are you tired of vanilla relationships? If .

    In this case, the membership expires automatically and is then reset to Free Membership. It does not require a separate termination. In the case of paid and Dominatrix Memberships, FET is also entitled to terminate the contract at any time effective by the end of the term. The right to immediate extraordinary termination without notice for good cause remains unaffected for you and us. FET also reserves the right to irrevocably deactivate member accounts with incomplete registration data and member accounts that were inactive for a period of at least 12 months.

    In this case the contract app, but you have the right to cancel the contract at any time. Reactivation of the profile is possible. However, there is no claim to this. We are aware that dating members value and rely on fet highly sensitive handling of all their personal data being transmitted to FET. We therefore observe all relevant legal data protection regulations.

    Fakes try every trick in the book these days, but we're getting there in stamping them out! So I downloaded this app two months ago at first I really loved this app it seemed nice enough. However, in my first month with this app I discovered that it has sever flaws in its system. For example, the lobby at app can act like a mob. Where they pretty much dating after newbies fet trolls alike.

    Not thinking anything of it I joined in until I felt like it was a bit too much.

    iPhone Screenshots

    Minus the snarky attitudes the next item on the list is the double standards for members. If someone pays they can blatantly post the N word in lobby and have no repercussions. However, if fet role play then all of app sudden you the bad person. In my second month I discovered that you can use your points that you collect to achieve a membership. Over then that have fun getting screwed over. I am throughly disgusted and, glad for the ban.

    I do not nor will I dating recommend this site to anyone. I have been waiting three days to be verified.

    Took a pic and then took one with my name and date. Next you will want DNA. All other apps fet require verification do it instantly. No reason it should take days. That being said app as many fake men on here as there are women. I deleted my first account because I thought I met someone genuine and he was turned out to be a sex trafficker and is now locked up.

    I now made another one and even though I am real, you take 20 years dating verify my account. I do feel verifying is good. However, it should be instant.

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      Fed up with the bog-standard dating apps? On FET we're different.

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      A safe, sane and consensual home for kinksters and the kink-curious, that demystifies alternative life-styles and provides a user-friendly dating app. App store Google play.

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      Fed up with the bog-standard dating apps? On FET we're different.

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