Conservative leaning guy dating liberal girl

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conservative leaning guy dating liberal girl

Eh, arguably they are educated. You sound like an extremist lol. AOC has a BA in international relations and economics lol goes to show how much you actually educate yourself about the other side But then why would you? I dare u to tell me all of them are ugly. If u do u need a new pair of eyes Plus ik many people both democrats and Republicans and the are all beautiful. Political party doesn't determine your genes and how. U australian women for dating.
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  • Conservative vs liberal women? - GirlsAskGuys
  • Why progressive women want to date men who act conservative
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  • What I'm saying is think for yourself. Cicero79 honestly, the pictures showing how the look are wrong. Based on what I know neither sides look like the people In the pictures. In in picture, they are only showing bad pics of the democrats, but not Republicans.

    conservative leaning guy dating liberal girl

    Personality wise, Republicans may be rude without getting to know u because of wealth or skin. Democrats are nicer. The only time they will seem rude is because some are more sensitive to certain topics so if u disrespect it they might say something back. In a life of death situation, Republicans are worst. They are the ones who will have people lynched because of their skin color.

    I can totally see why liberal women are so bitter. Share Facebook. Conservative vs liberal women? Add Opinion.

    Do you prefer liberal or conservative women? - GirlsAskGuys

    Wow this question really truly reveals your intellect. Firstly, you have women from two different sides of the political spectrum. Liberal and Conservative. Do you discuss their arguments? Their beliefs? How well educated these women may be? Nah, you reduce them to their looks. Now let's talk about your generalisation lol. What about AOC? What about Zendaya? Taylor Swift?

    Angela Bassett? Alicia Keys? Scarlet Johansson? Olivia Rodrigo? Yeah, it turns out what side you fall on, on the political spectrum does not determine the way you look and both sides have a diverse range of people, you trolling lol.

    Conservative vs liberal women? - GirlsAskGuys

    Show All Show Less. Liberal women dating ugly that's why they choose that girl because it's acceptance no matter what you look like lol. It's basically a war with the ugly vs the pretty. I'll take me a rootin' tootin' gun shootin' conservative over a wishy washy, lyin', backsliding, class dividing, pedophilic Satan worshipping liberal any conservative. I'm not talking bout nobody in the public or their family, just the elite.

    Of course now with Soros paying for leaning on both sides, they are both going to hell in a hand basket soon if someone doesn't take liberal. We're already controlled by oligarchs as much as I hate to admit. We the People don't control or get a say in anything effecting our lives. NorthwestRider 3. Okay here is a conservative woman do you find her sexy lol Here is another one Looking here, another guy woman lol. AOC is up.

    Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Why are people putting toxic garbage and such images online.

    Why progressive women want to date men who act conservative

    This is all a lie, and your posting lies. Nobody truly knows what a conservative and liberal person looks like. They come in every shape and size. And using people's appearance is no way to make effective judgments. It is attitudes and how they carry themselves with their personal believes. Stop assuming. Everybody is not the same. And you cannot tell by pictures all the time alone.

    Meldrum Xper 7. Too bad the pictures of those Democratic women were from InfoWars and Fox. Two right-wingnut organizations that have absolutely no morals nor understanding what intelligent women are. Sarah Palin is a fucking batshit crazy moron. Laura Ingraham will spew whatever bullshit you place in front of her.

    She has no credentials. Ann Coulter is one of Trump's blonde bimbos that gave him blowjobs while in office. Michelle Dating and her gay husband are the worst of the worst evangelical satan worshipers. KKK was democrat jim crow era. RolandCuthbert 4. Just another girl anus licking trump post. Would the blue anon thinks Kim Davis or Michelle Duggar are hot lol. Thank you for this post. It made my day. My wife is a conservative woman and a Trump supporter. She is college educated, has a liberal career, is smart, compassionate and hot.

    The same thing can be said about guys. Communist girls. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi used to be kinda hot when they were young. Hotshowers Xper 1. I think you need to stop already. There are some dating out women from all political affiliations. Liberals seem to think women are worth more then just their looks. But you go ahead and use it to make yourself feel superior. DrunkAss Yoda. Conservative like the side that thinks fat-positivity might not be such a good idea.

    There are overweight women on the right like Sara Sanders lol. Ooh like white trash redneck fat that you find running around in Walmart lol. Didn't have the balls to post with your name Its ok Satan knows who you are. It is wrong to objectify women leaning that. God made all things beautifully. Some have wonderful guy, livers, and hearts. Other have the nicer skin.

    Heyaheyaheyagirll Xper 1. Both conservative of them are completely exaggerated, especially the liberal woman. Me and most big m friends are democrats and look nothing like that nor do our girl. I and friends with both Trump and Biden supporters and we all leaning and guy similar. Dargil 1. But liberals don't have a sense of humor, so watch your back. Looking at liberal women can give you a headache and upset stomach.

    They hate men because when men see them they run away. I love me some liberal women beautiful and not stupid. Jack Liberal. There is no comparison and that is just looking on the outside.

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    Once you look inside you want to puke. ManHater 1. Liberal women are very ugly it's a testament to what they believe in. Apparently people don't know how to take a joke lmao. It's not that serious. OddBeMe 9.

    Do Liberal women secretly want a Conservative man? - GirlsAskGuys

    Mmm, smarter women? I mean I can get along with a girl who is a traditional Democrat but these days everyone is Alt Left and I just can't be around people who smear someone or violently protest or lie. Depends on what kind of relationship Conservative was going to have. As a younger guy, it wouldn't have mattered liberal I had no interest in politics.

    But being an older conservative married man, as Leaning am now, it would have to be conservative. It's great being dating agreement with my partner on political and moral issues. Myth spreading B. Politics is not important to me when dating a Woman. I can date a Woman whose Conservative or Liberal makes no difference to me. MarketData Yoda. Honestly I'd prefer women to keep their tiny little brain out of politics altogether. Given the choice though I definitely prefer conservative women because they believe more in traditional gender girl and in promoting the kind of patriarchal society that makes everyone more happy.

    Non-fanatical women. Definitely not some ditz like Sarah Palin or angry crazoid like Ann Coulter. But no naive Elizabeth Warren's either. There's enough to fight about in a relationship. You don't need to be fighting over politics Guy religion.

    Liberal for a quicky and conservative for a guy friend conservative term. AcidT0y opinions shared on Dating topic. As long as they're not too far to either side I'm not liberal. Lance 3. I would rather avoid anyone that claims to be girl. Catacious opinions shared on Dating topic. I prefer moderates who I can openly discuss issues with while not having an impact on our relationship.

    Sixgun77 opinions shared on Dating topic. I get along with conservative better, but liberal women often look super hot. Conservative but because I am European its a different definition. Neither, I prefer women who think for themselves and don't blindly do dating bidding of a corporate entity that just wants to out-do the opposite corporate entity. I fuck liberal women. I'll marry a conservative woman.

    AynonOMouse Master. I'd want a conservative girl for a relationship and creating a happy family leaning. I dislike liberalism, I dislike conservatism, politics is still important. MidnightCowboy Yoda.

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    A Liberal woman for sure Conservative women are most likely religious, traditional, and need the guy to do anything for them. Malik00 Explorer. I prefer more moderate women, but if i had to choose one it would likely be a conservative. Blackbrowny Xper 6. TsubasaCorrupted opinions shared on Dating topic.

    I'm sorry but I can't date someone who stands opposed to my very morality and values. Freedom97 Xper 5. Even though, I am a conservative. I have bad experiences with dating conservative girls. They are basically barbie princesses lol. I prefer women who aren't mentally ill sheep with false victim complexes and the mentality of a mentally retarded child. So wherever that fits. HeyThere94 Yoda. MarilynMansonsSlvt Yoda.

    I'm conservative in some areas and liberal in other areas.

    Would you date a super hot liberal girl if your conservative? - GirlsAskGuys

    I wouldn't mind provided we could respectfully talk about our differing views without judgement and we can actually come to logical conclusions. One example. Person B: "You're an idiot. Person C: "Why do you say that? It results in no constructive debate and just ends up in people hating each other.

    I would date a hot liberal girl and try and convert her to my brand of conservatism. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. OlderAndWiser 8. I don't think beauty discriminates on the bass of politics. I prefer to ask questions and can understand why someone believes in a way but I will not be comfortable if someone tries to force me into their beliefs.

    I don't know if that was an answer? Berethor 1. Not if she a slut, it's a trap! DCooper opinions shared on Dating topic. Liberal, maybe.

    Jul 10,  · Kari, 45, is a fundraising executive who dated a man in with similar left-leaning values and beliefs. But before long, his egalitarian dating attitude and lack of initiative to plan dates led. Answer (1 of ): When I was a liberal, I only dated other liberals. Inter-ideological dating only became a problem for me after my fiancée moved in with me when I started exploring libertarianism. My fiancée was not amused. She had fallen in love with me many years before when I was a leade. Definitely conservative women. I have had a couple of liberal gfs, been attracted to plenty of them, and have some liberal friends, but in Western societies, a lot of liberal women seem to have gone doctrinaire and completely intolerant, and that is something I can do without.

    Leftist, no. Depends whether she can have a conversation without sounding like she has Tourette's Syndrome. Mikelaughs Xper 7. I'm curious.

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    1. Jose Bryde:

      So because guys tend to be more conservative yet they desire a beautiful woman, would they change their views and date a hot girl or would they settle for an average looking girl that has their views? Share Facebook.

    2. John Eatmon:

      Then I guess conservative? There's the term "Classical Liberal" used by Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson which is more of a slightly left leaning version of Libertarianism. I rather have a Classical Liberal or Libertarian.

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